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Yann Haute Patisserie ltd.



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Which combo?

Just the right amount of butter in our amazing croissant dough to transport you to France with every bite!

A box of two croissants & 2 pain au chocolat and/or a box of two almond croissants & two chocolate and almond croissants.

Your choice of classic butter croissants and pain au chocolat: Croissant dough and two sticks of chocolate in the middle.

Handmade everyday in our bakery for your pleasure [ and for your friends, family or coworkers too! ]

You are welcome to warm up your croissants before enjoying them!
  • Set your oven at 325F
  • 8 minute maximum should do the trick!

Croissants & pain au chocolat are available in "frozen-to-oven" bags of 6! Already proofed and egg-washed, all you need is around 20 minutes to smell the butter goodness! Keep a bag in your freezer for any special occasion or last minute cravings!


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