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Yann Haute Patisserie ltd.



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By itself or with a spread friend?

“Pan de Toni”/”Panettone”

Chef Yann explains: “I worked with my fellow Relais Desserts world champion Luigi Biasetto & Andreas Acherer pastry chefs and combined their methods together. I then added my flair to make our very own “Pan de Yanni”!”

This creation is a moist and flavourful brioche-like cake with a methodical fermentation process. We are using fermented apples and a beer yeast from our friends at Bow River Brewing with hints of orange and coriander to create our very own sourdough starter circa 2023.

A starter is a crucial part of Pannetone making. Most respectable Italian bakeries keep theirs alive for 40 years+.

Our Panettone contains lemon and orange zest, Valrhona Bahibe milk chocolate, honey, cranberries and raisins.

Two options for you!

A lovely and tasty Panettone to enjoy for any occasion or our 'combo" with a Panettone and Royal Spread (hazelnut & chocolate spread - $15)

Would you like to purchase a jar of our beautiful hazelnut spread by itself? Follow this link!


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